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Konstanze von Gutzeit, winner of the Gianni Bergamo Award 2008, playing the cello
© Lucerne Festival / Patrick Deslarzes

The Accentus Foundation sponsors cultural efforts in many ways. For example, for many years it has awarded the "Lily Waeckerlin Prize for Youth & Music". The "Gianni Bergamo Classical Music Award" is devoted to current musical endeavors.

Picture of a chess board
© Accentus Foundation / Bernadette Helbling

The Accentus Foundation supports the game of chess within Switzerland and abroad, where there is a link with Switzerland in some way. In the framework of this commitment, we are dedicated to supporting the following areas in particular: lessons and coaching, chess competitions and tournaments, youth chess, school chess, advertising and publicity for the game of chess generally. Click here for further key information.

© Nina Baisch

Rutishauser Kunst- und Kulturfonds
The collections of the Rutishauser Kunst- und Kulturfonds of the charitable foundation ACCENTUS include works of art and collector's items with a particular focus on the Lake Constance area. They offer insights into the history and culture of the area from early times up to the modern era. The items are not only interesting from a scientific point of view, but also inspire visitors to take a journey in time. More information can be found at

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