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Support areas

Accentus supports projects in Switzerland and certain focus countries through its Swiss partner organizations.

Selection of our projects

Accentus is committed to improving the living conditions of disadvantaged persons.

Trotz Behinderung aufs Eis

Onto the ice despite disability

For people with a disability, the "Cerebral" foundation has developed an ice slide that enables wheelchair users to take to the ice and join in with the winter fun. Accentus supports the development of this piece of sports equipment.

Promoting mobility

Accentus made it possible to purchase a vehicle on behalf of those with limited mobility. BETAX, a cooperative society in Bern, helps people with cognitive or motor impairments move autonomously within their life radius.

Accentus supports cultural and arts projects, as well as projects relating to youth and recreational sports.

Förderung des Schachspiels

Supporting chess

The SWISS CHESS fund supports chess in Switzerland, with a focus on promoting the game among young people. 

Accentus fosters the protection of the environment and animals.

Lehrpfad im Bödmerenwald

Nature trail in the Bödmeren forest

Accentus supported the construction of an information pavilion and a themed trail in the Bödmeren forest between Muotathal and the Pragel Pass to help interested visitors learn more about the area's unique geology and botany.

 Neubelebung von Valendas

Revival of Valendas

Accentus supported the "FasziNatur" program created by "Valendas Impuls" with the aim of making the rich, abundant landscape, which stretches from the Rhine gorge to the peaks of the Safien valley, accessible to visitors.

 Wiederansiedlung der Bartgeier

Resettlement of bearded vultures

The bearded vulture, once common in Switzerland, is almost extinct. Together with Goldau Nature Park and Zoo, Accentus is seeking to facilitate the resettlement of this characteristic bird of prey in Switzerland through various breeding programs.

Through the use of subsidies, Accentus supports research projects in various scientific areas.

Research for children with neurological impairments

Accentus supports the research program of the ETH Zurich and the Children's Hospital in Affoltern am Albis for the rehabilitation of children with neurological impairments. 

 Förderung des Unternehmertums

Promoting entrepreneurship

With the support of the program "Pioneer Fellowship" of the ETH Zurich, the "Verena Guggisberg-Lüthi" fund promotes entrepreneurship. 

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