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Donors who do not want to set up a separate foundation have a straightforward alternative: establishing a subfoundation under the auspices of the Accentus umbrella foundation.

  • As the founder, you benefit from many of the same set-up options as you would with your own foundation.
  • However, it is different from having a foundation of your own in that you need not concern yourself either with the process of setting it up or with subsequently managing it. Long-term and professional execution of your intentions as founder is guaranteed, as is the careful stewardship of your subfoundation and the charitable projects it supports.
  • The umbrella foundation supplies you with expert knowledge, infrastructure, and processes for your subfoundation.
The organizational chart shows how your foundation is embedded within Accentus as a subfoundation, with its own grants committee. In particular, you are free to decide on the name and purpose of your subfoundation within Accentus.
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