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Accentus exclusively supports charitable and tax-exempt institutions domiciled in Switzerland. As a rule, Accentus contacts potential project partners itself and invites them to submit documents electronically.

Unsolicited requests for support are rarely accepted. Responses are sent electronically. Documents are not returned in the event of a request being declined.

The following requests for support are not considered:

  • Requests from individuals (Accentus does not offer scholarships, for example)
  • Requests from institutions that are not domiciled in Switzerland
  • Requests for emergency and disaster relief
  • Requests for political and religious campaigns
  • Requests for projects that have already been completed
  • Requests for projects that are not taking place in one of Accentus's focus countries (see text box below)

Additionally, requests for contributions to budgets rather than a specific project and project requests that do not meet the criteria with regard to content and form (defined under "Applications") are not considered.

Requests submitted to Accentus are reviewed on an ongoing basis. The umbrella foundation's project managers will be happy to help with any inquiries relating to project submissions. Please send an email.

Accentus does not enter into correspondence regarding decisions to decline requests for support.

Focus Countries The Accentus Foundation supports projects run by Swiss institutions that take place in the following countries:
  • Switzerland
  • Europe: Armenia, Georgia
  • Africa: Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia
  • Asia: Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Nepal, Philippines, Vietnam
  • Latin America: Bolivia, Brazil, Guatemala 
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